Current Group Purchasing Options

We Buy Together, We Save Together

32G Disposable Isolation Gowns

Arrival Timeline: July 2021

Colour: Blue with white knitted cuffs

Size: One Size Fits All

Thickness: 32g Perfect balance of protection and temperature

24 Hour Biological Indicators

Arrival Timeline: June 15 2021

Description:Self-contained biological indicator for monitoring steam sterilization cycles. EZTest is easy-to-use and produces visual results within 24 hours for steam without laboratory transfers.

Paperbag Giveaways Survey


We’re excited to bring back our routes that started this venture; Group purchasing to maximize your massive savings!

For those of you who don’t know, back when gowns were being sold at an average of $10 per piece, we were able to sell for $2.57 with the power of purchasing together!

By popular demand, we’re commencing the project of giveaway bags. To stick to our values of being green, we’re going to do paper bags instead of plastic.

Please fill this 20 second survey out, and pass it around so we can get the data and price point we need to give you all the savings you seek.

No Greater Strength Than Unity